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The majority of customers and surfers will find the shopping and listening experience at Nature simple, straight forward, and enjoyable. That having been said, this page is here to help smooth over a few bumps that may come up in the road.

Nature is a single person operation, and the advantage to this is that each customer receives the personal attention from the owner of the business. I am rarely far away from checking my email - even on weekends and evenings. However if I am away for an extended (longer than 24 hours) period, it will be noted here:

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Missing the Download Email?

Most often missing emails have been sorted to deleted folders or spam folders - be sure to check!

If you made a recent purchase in the past 24 hours and never received an email with a download link, please email support at . Be sure to include the email address you made the purchase with, and also the item(s) you purchased.

Another way of checking is to make sure you received a receipt email from PayPal. If that is missing, then you could be checking the wrong email address. Also, if you have written support and not received an answer in 24 hours, try sending to Nature Support from a different email address. Sometimes spam programs block domains in error. Using a different email server will allow support emails to get through.

If you made a previous purchase and can not find your download email, please please email support at . Be sure to include the email address you made the purchase with, the item(s) you purchased, and the date of purchase.

Download Page Expired or Outdated?

The download page issued to you at the time of purchase is only good for about a day or two. After that, the page can still be used to ask for a new one. Please enter why you require a renewal and click the button "Request Additional Downloads". The system will send me complete details of your purchase and allow me to issue a new email to your original email address used at the time of purchase. This method of getting a download renewal is the preferred way.

Want to buy Offline?

Sorry, all of our sales are done online through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase, and PayPal is safe and secure.

Using a Language Translator?

If you are using a translator page to view the Nature website, you might not be able to listen to the sounds in the translator window.

If this is true, then you will need to open an original website page to listen to the free audio samples.

Contacting Nature

Contact via email for any reason:

Financial Transactions Secured by Pay Pal

Financial Transactions are secured by Pay Pal, and downloads are secured by PayLoadz. Link to more information.

Nature Guarantee

Your purchase is protected by the Nature guarantee and policy. Link to more information.

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